Health is our natural state.
It's best achieved by natural means.

Heartland Healing is a 501-C-3 non-profit devoted to providing information about traditional medicine and holistic healing arts.
"Traditional" means medical practices that are time-tested and have successfully treated patients for centuries.
"Holistic" means therapies that address the human being as a whole, instead of reducing our experience to an assemblage of physical sub-systems.

We are beings of spirit, mind and body without clearly delineated borders between any of the parts. As participants in the nature of the Universe, we must recognize the role that energy plays in our existence and our being.

Visit our flagship website to learn more about some of the practices that recognize these tenets and to find practitioners who can help you establish and maintain a healthy life.

Find out more about Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture; herbal therapies, ancient Ayurvedic modalities, meditation, hypnosis, self-actualization, yoga, natural childbirth and more. Learn about rare therapies like iridology, urine therapy, the Bates Method and much, much more.




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